BioFace Facial Mask Machine


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BioFace Mask Machine brings endless facials right at the comfort of your own home. This innovative machine allows you to be in control of what goes on your face. From fruits to vegetables, your face masks will reach a whole new level. This DIY smart beauty care facial treatment allows you to create your own personalized facial mask using the fruits and vegetables in your pantry. BioFace Facial Mask Machine is reusable and comes equipped with an automatic cleaning mode. The machine comes in a glossy white, and has collagen tablets included. BioFace Facial Mask Machine is a must have for all skincare enthusiasts. Customize your own face mask based on your unique needs! The Facial Mask Machine comes complete with a mask tray and cleaning devices for endless masks right at home. It contains six collagen tablets that are used as a binding agent for all mask recipes. The mask machine is great for everyday use with simple ingredients from home. Reusable DIY mask machine Endless facial treatments Restore skin at home Simple ingredients straight from your kitchen Customizable face masks Fruit, vegetable and essential oils masks Restore collagen production Cleaning supplies included 6 collagen tablets included


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