Basketball Nets Heavy Duty


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  • Why Buy 1 when you could get 2?: Shipping is expensive. Get 2 high quality net for the same price! We found it cost the same to ship 2 nets as it is the ship 1 net, so why not offer 2 for the price of one?
  • Perfect for Any Age: Whether you’re Michael Jordan dunking over mountains, or little Johnny in his backyard pretending he is. It doesn’t matter the age, gender, or skill level; all you need is a solid and reliable net. We wanted to provide the best net possible at the lowest possible cost to provide our customers with the best bang for their buck.
  • Is it Possible to Be this Strong? Whether you’re Shaquille O’Neal or a smaller, normal human, our nets can withstand constant pulling and hanging that comes with regular gameplay. Made from the highest-quality and thickest polyester fibers, our nets are ideal for both indoor or outdoor basketball rims. Our nets are made to withstand any type of conditions.
  • More Swish, Less Tangle: You ever have your net get stuck to the top of the rim? Kind of like an annoying wedgie? We we can’t relate because our anti-whip technology helps prevent our nets from getting tangled with the rim whenever the balls come through. That means maintaining flexibility to provide that sweet swish sound through every perfect shot.
  • Fits Any Rim: If you have ever felt dumb for buying the wrong sized item, you are in luck. Our nets fit on any standard sized rim. Unless. You have a weird triangle or oblong rim, our nets will always fit. (Measures 21 inches in total length)


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